OLINGA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rural community development through the application, generation, and dissemination of knowledge.

Established in 2010, and focused in the Pajaro, Salinas, and San Joaquin Valleys in Central California, it facilitates processes and makes available educational programs designed to raise the capacity of local populations, especially youth, to advance their own communities.

Its work is not in isolation from historical context or the efforts of like-minded organizations; rather, OLINGA collaborates with institutions and groups striving to apply scientific methods and moral principles towards the betterment of society, and its vision and strategies are refined within an evolving conceptual framework informed by experience and shaped by an optimistic vision of the evolution of human society.

OLINGA collaborates closely with partner organizations implementing the Junior Youth Empowerment Program and focuses its work in communities that are, or have the potential to be, considered centers of intense activity for the raising up and deployment of human resources eager to improve the material, cultural, social, artistic, and spiritual conditions of their surroundings.

In such communities—against a backdrop of an increasing number of individuals arising to take action and to learn from their experiences—OLINGA hopes to gain insights into effective strategies for channeling the rising tide of energy towards the improvement of aspects of community life.